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Business Organizations (Corporations, LLC, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors)

No matter what it is YOU do for a living, there may be a time in your life when you realize that you would rather

"be the boss"; and that's when you decide that you would like to start your own business. 

Or perhaps you have your eyes set on buying an existing business? 

Or maybe you have been a sole proprietor, but now you are looking to "grow" and expand your "horizons".

There are so many variables and so many ways of setting up or forming your business entity.

Why should you and your partners create an LLC (Limited Liability Company)? 

Maybe a Corporation is better? 

Maybe you can "get by" with a Partnership.

As a person in business, any type of business, you need and want to protect yourself, your assets, your Family and your Future.

As a  business person there are many variables that you will need to consider.

Can you start and run your own business enterprise without consulting with an attorney?  Absolutely!

That said, Contact us for a free initial consultation regarding your business endeavors.

There is no obligation to learn what might very well be your best first steps in "Being your own boss".

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