Landlord - Tenant (Eviction) Law 

Most Landlords are really good people who maintain their properties and respect the rights of their Tenants.  Most Tenants

pay their rent on a timely basis, and in full, and respect their Landlord's property and the privacy and the rights of their neighbors.

That said, unfortunately, "most" is NOT all. 

We handle Evictions and Landlord-Tenant matters in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  We also have a network of Attorneys and Law Firms across the United States with whom we are able to confidently refer matters outside of MA, NH and RI.

Many Landlords are faced with Tenants who fail to pay rent timely and maybe not for months on end.  Many Tenants live

with Landlords who fail to maintain the apartments and homes being rented and leased, or WORSE.

LANDLORD-TENANT LAW IS VERY PROCEDURAL and if the "T"s are NOT "crossed" and the "I"s are not "dotted", then

time and money can be wasted. 

The Courts can be difficult places to navigate without YOUR OWN LAWYER.

Notices to Quit require specific language and they must be properly and timely delivered to Tenants OR any subsequent

Summary Process or Writ of Eviction may be dismissed.

Tenants at Will and Leaseholders have very different rights and obligations.

Tenants under government assistance (Section 8) programs may still be evicted for cause, but procedures must be followed.


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